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Work-related injuries accounts for millions of working days in Ireland every year. It also costs employer millions of pounds, where in a lot of cases, the absenteeism can be prevented. Osteopathy can successfully treat many common problems resulting from work strain. Work-related injuries can result in injuries in the muscles, tendons and joint complex.

There are lots of different reasons why injuries at work occur… A certain job can predispose you to certain problems. If your job entails a lot of manual handling and lifting, it can leave you prone to low back and neck pain. While more sedentary work, i.e. sitting in the same position involving repetitive movements such as typing, answering the phone may leave you with strain injuries such as carpel tunnel and tennis elbow.

Osteopaths recognize the effects of work-related injuries and in a lot of cases can successfully treat many of the resulting injuries. Osteopaths also offer advice and helpful tips on peoples work stations, seating arrangements.


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