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Pregnancy is life transforming for the mum at all levels. Pregnancy is the most natural process which has occurred since the beginning of time and is part of the normal life cycle, however no pregnancy is the same and can prove very painful and in some cases traumatic for the mum. As the uterus and body continually changes shape to adapt and accommodate for the fetus, extra fluid and the placenta, it is very common for the mother to experience aches and pains, all of which can cause considerable changes to posture.

While this is occurring, there are enormous hormonal and emotional changes within a
relatively small period of time which the body also has to cope with. Also, if there are also
any underlying problems, such as old back or neck injuries, old traumas or accidents that
have occurred prior to pregnancy can prove problematic for the mum.

The female body also releases the hormone relaxin. Relaxin helps the body to physically
adapt to the huge changes that are taking place by making the body become slightly looser
and more pliable. Genius idea!! However, it does have its flaws! Because the whole body
softens, it makes it more vulnerable to strain during pregnancy, therefore an increase in pain.

Osteopathy can help with all sorts of problems during pregnancy:

  • Back and neck pain relating to postural dysfunctions, headaches, excessive fatigue.
  • Symptoms such of morning sickness –especially the early stages can be significantly severe. Nausea and vomiting can increase in severity when there is dysfunctions in the back, ribs and diaphragm.
  • Pelvic, coccygeal, SPD problems… if there is tension or a dysfunction around your pelvis and pelvic floor, will certainly cause pain and discomfort. The unborn baby needs their passage of descent to be as smooth as possible. Osteopaths try to minimize these by resolving these dysfunctions and bringing the pelvis back into balance so that the baby is at a more advantageous position when passing through the birth canal.
  • Heartburn and indigestion – As the uterus expands, it can put pressure on neighboring ribs and diaphragm. Osteopaths use very gently techniques to release these.
  • Breathing difficulties – Postural changes through the lower ribs, spine and a contracted diaphragm can impede the largest respiratory muscle – the diaphragm’s action and contributes to breathing difficulties.
  • Following birth – the mother’s pelvis is vulnerable to retaining strains from the forces involved with child birth. If an unresolved strain persists, it can effect posture and cause mechanical problems later on in life. Also looking after a new baby and all that is involved with it, tasks such as breast feeding, carrying your baby, reaching over the cot, being on call 24/7 can all take its toll on your body, which can lead to tension and pain.

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